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Atlanta Bridgescape Competition


Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Date:  2015


Atlanta is the bustling city of the southeast and the I-75/85 corridor is the weakest link in terms of aesthetics. As motorists travel through the city on the Atlanta Connector very few bridges entice them to venture past the concrete walls and delve deeper into a city that has endless opportunities for all to experience. The 10th Avenue Bridge is in fact one of these less tasteful views that motorist encounter at highway and deck level.


Elegance and simplicity of construction and maintenance was used to define the design of this new bridge enhancement. The concept for this “new bridge” was to apply two facades to each side of the bridge. The panels would be pre-assembled off site to allow for rapid installation and minimal site disturbances. The panels of the facades are built using reclaimed wood boards to soften the concrete and asphalt of the surrounding city, representing the abundance of parks and wooded areas in the Atlanta area. The panels interchange patterns by changing distance between boards creating a slightly transparent to slightly opaque appearance.


At deck level the panels are tilted towards the highway to give a welcoming feeling to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians crossing the bridge. At highway level the facades are cropped at an acute angle to enhance the aesthetic and visibility for the motorists in their respective direction of travel.


When night falls the louvers create a dynamic lighting effect by breaking the light from the bridge inviting motorists to explore the city. Color changing lights are also mounted beneath the deck in between the girders to illuminate the structure and showcase the existing architectonics of the bridge. The revival of this bridge will continue the efforts of the city to enhance the corridor and allow the city to reveal its true beauty to all who encounter it.