5-1 PP A-25 Bridge_Cover photot

Autoroute 25

Montréal, Québec, Canada


Owner:  Transports Québec

Completion Date:  2011

Cost:  $2.8B


The province of Québec and the city of Montréal were in need of major infrastructure revamping. The 2.8 Billion Dollar A-25 project, which included a series of eleven land bridges or interchanges and a cable stayed bridge, was a major part of the province of Québec and the City of Montréal’s infrastructure revamping.


Touchstone Architecture was selected as bridge architect to provided design and aesthetics for the procurement and delivery stages of the project. The major feature of the project is the 1.2 km six lane toll bridge over the Rivière des Prairies connecting Laval and the island of Montréal.


Split level interchanges, noise abatement structures, and abutments formed a major part of the roadway improvements in the 7.2 km corridor of the A-25 project. It was important that the entire project have a common architectural treatment. Design of the bridges successfully tied the project together.


A-25 is the first P3 project of the government in Quebec; due to the success of this effort P3 is being implemented in multiple projects around the province including the new Champlain Bridge.