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George G. Voinovich Bridge

Cleveland, Ohio, USA


Client:  Ohio Department of Transportation

Estimated Completion Date:  Fall 2016

Cost:  $273M



The George V. Voinovich Bridge consists of 2 bridges, one running east-bound and the other west-bound.  Touchstone Architecture was responsible for bridge aesthetic design during the preliminary and final design phases for the east-bound George V. Voinovich Bridge which was the second bridge of the project.  The two bridges replace the old Innerbelt Bridge and are the third generation river crossing at this location.


Spanning the Cuyahoga River on Interstate 90, they are a vital link into downtown Cleveland.  The second bridge runs parallel to, and looks nearly identical to, the west-bound structure.


The bridges' design is intended to mimic the curves of other bridges in the river valley while also utilizing steel construction to pay homage to Cleveland's history.  The bridge includes modern features such as a fully controllable color-changing LED lighting system.  The areas surrounding the bridge will be enhanced with public overlooks, greenspaces, biking and walking facilities, additional parking, public art, community gardens and more.