Christopher S. Bond Bridge

Kansas City, Missouri, USA


Client: Missouri Department of Transportation

Completion Date: May 2010

Length: 550' Main Span,  1,716' Total

Cost:  $232M

Awards:  2012 National Steel Bridge Association Merit Award

                 2011 AIA Tallahassee Chapter Honor Award


The Christopher S. Bond Bridge, also known as the kcICON Bridge, revitalizes the Interstate 29/35 crossing of the Missouri River in Kansas City. Located in the geographical center of the country, Kansas City, Missouri wanted their new Interstate bridge to create a memorable gateway across the Missouri River.  The Missouri Department of Transportation and Kansas City agreed that the project should be iconic and comparable to other remarkable bridges around the world.


To accommodate this public sentiment, the Missouri Department of Transportation committed to form a community committee whose responsibilities would include the final selection of the design of the bridge.  This was included in the Request for Proposal in order that competing teams would know they were to work with this citizens group as part of the design process. This marked the first time a State Department of Transportation allowed selection of aesthetic design to come from outside the Department; it created a new awareness for the importance of aesthetics, design, and community involvement in major projects.


Touchstone Architecture led a community involvement and aesthetic design process for the design-build joint venture which allowed the kcICON Bridge to embody the iconic features desired by the Community Advisory Group.