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I-49 North, Segment K

(I-220 to MLK Drive, Jr. Drive)

Shreveport, LA, USA


Owner:  Louisiana Department of Transportation

               and Development

Estimated Completion Date:  2016/2017

Cost:  $140M

Awards: 2016 LTC Bridge Design Project Development Transportation Excellence Award

The I-49 North project is a 36-mile project that will construct a four-lane interstate from I-220 in Shreveport to the Arkansas state line.  Segment K includes the design of a portion of the I-49/I-220 interchange, and a partial cloverleaf interchange at Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive.


Touchstone Architecture was responsible for bridge aesthetics and focused on the development of pleasing and harmonious shapes for the piers, abutments, and the superstructure.  Those dominant elements were also supplemented through thoughtful detailing of reveals, barriers, lighting, decorative panels, and abutments.  The design process was complicated by the need to advance both a concrete superstructure and a steel superstructure through final design.  Both options were put out for bid and the concrete segmental option was advanced per the final decision.


A focus was centered on ways to provide input into the design of the bridge by the broader art community of Shreveport.  A call-to-artists led to the final design for the pier decorative panels that support the bridges. 

The bridge also features a fully controllable color-changing LED lighting system that can reflect seasons, community events or holidays, and can serve as a palette for future design by the art community.