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Kosciuszko Bridge

Brooklyn/Queens, New York, USA


Client:  New York Department of Transportation

Estimated Completion Date:  Fall 2018

Cost:  $555M



The Kosciuszko Bridge carries the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (Interstate 278) over Newtown Creek between Brooklyn and Queens in New York City.  This project replaces the eastbound Kosciuszko Bridge and at $155 million, it is the largest single contract New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) has ever undertaken.  The westbound viaduct will be built as part of a future project.


Touchstone Architecture was responsible for bridge aesthetic design during both the preliminary and final design phases.  The replacement is designed to last 100 years and will serve as a stronger and more resilient transportation network for commuters throughout New York City area for generations to come.


The Kosciuszko Bridge is comprised of twin asymmetrical cable-stay structures with opposing tower orientation.  The result is a pair of bridges whose relationship and visual composition is different from every vantage point.  Drivers will pass through an array of beautifully colored cables that are illuminated at night.  Meanwhile, the bridge will present itself as a sculptural form when viewed from the surrounding area.  Based on a theme of "Structural Honesty", every component of the bridge is an authentic expression of its utility and construction.