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Maroon Creek Bridge

Aspen, Colorado, USA


Client:  Colorado Department of Transportation

Completion Date:  2007

Length:  550' Main Span,  1,716' Total

Cost:  $14M

Awards:  2013 AIA Tallahassee Chapter Honor Award

                 2009 ASBI Bridge of Excellence



The Maroon Creek Bridge is a modern day structure that honors the style of a 125 year old railroad trestle, respects and does not affect its fragile environment while satisfying the diverse tastes and design preferences of the artistic, historic and political communities of Aspen, Colorado.


The bridge crosses the environmentally sensitive Maroon Creek Gorge, posing structural as well as aesthetic concerns. After much study and public involvement the design team created a solution that was both structurally sound and posed little to no damage to its environment. 


While paying homage to the old bridge minimally impacted the environment, and was a great success within the community.  The bridge features a 56 foot roadway with shoulders and a 12 foot Cyclists/Pedestrian lane.  When completed, the top down construction methodology left no perceptible damage in the gorge and expedited the construction schedule.