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Saadiyat Bridge

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Owner:  Road and Transit Authority

Completion Date:  2008

Cost:  $125M


Abu Dhabi built Saadiyat Island one-half mile offshore and wanted a suitable Iconic bridge to connect Saadiyat to the mainland. This massive 240 Million Dollar Bridge carries 12 lanes of traffic and two light rail commuter trains across the pristine waters of the Persian Gulf to the growing urban complex of Saadiyat.


Designed to match its environment, the bridge uses light earth tones as its main color with blue accents to match the waters of the Gulf. The signature mark of the bridge is the asymmetrical V of the Main Piers that are backlit to give them depth and definition. The 200 meter main span rises 100 feet above the Gulf and features overlooks for cyclist and pedestrian traffic to view the expanse from shore to island.


Built as a segmental concrete box girder, the bridge uses form derived from function to gracefully address style and the aesthetic needs of the project. Attention is drawn to the main span by the flair of the V piers while the stately approach piers support the curving line of the superstructure.